Recently lost and found bags and wallets

Black wallet (scrid brand)

Hello, My friend lost black wallet(secrid black one). The name on the cards is Naveen Gunagi He was on a bus to grand canal from bachelors walk on Sunday. He may have left it on the bus seat or lost it soon after dropping off at Grand canal docks stop. Please dm if you find them. Thank you 🙏

Dublin 2 Posted 1 minute ago

Black Wallet lost.

Black Wallet lost in the Donneycarney/Parnell park area on Saturday evening last 23rd Sept.

Dublin 5 Posted 2 days ago

small wallet

I lost my wallet three weeks ago it has a yellow revolut(that says Aitor in the middle) card and a leap card the wallet in medium sized most black and a small white and red poket.

Co. Dublin Posted 3 days ago


contains sum of money found in Rathmines area today

Dublin 7 Posted 4 days ago

Small wallet found in Laurel Lodge, Castleknock

A small walled with Credit Cards was found in Laurel Lodge 22nd September. Just bank cards and Public Service Cart. Name on is Marie B.

Dublin 15 Posted 5 days ago

Red transparent wallet with Jesus Christ face inside

In the afternoon of the 14th September 2023 at 5:40 I lost a red transparent fabric wallet with a card of Jesus Christ inside on the way to Rathfarnham Castle. The starting point was at Doyles Lane Station to take the bus 130 to Talbot street .After that I walked 10 minutes to Marlborough street and I took the LUA Greenline to Hartcourt Street.Then I I make a 2nd bus stop and walked 10 minutes to South Richmond street and finally at 6:40 p.m. at South Richmond street I took the bus 15B ,ending at Willbrook Road at 19:05 p.m.I would be lots of grateful to anybody who could give further information about my high appreciated item considering in case of return a cash pay.Thanks a lot

Dublin 1 Posted 6 days ago

Black Fossil Wallet with Spanish ID

I lost my wallet around 30th Aug, it is a black fossil wallet. There are Spanish I ID card( with my name Wanning Chen) BOI card, a Polaroid photo of me and my friends. Please contact me if u find it, the ID card is important for me. Thank u!

Dublin 2 Posted 7 days ago

Green Wallet

I lost a green wallet in Limerick with a US ID in it (Mississippi). I am visiting for a few days so if found please return!

Co. Limerick Posted 8 days ago

Brown tommy Hilfiger wallt

A brown wallet with all the documents by the name of Daksh Maan is post on dublin bus number 17

Dublin 8 Posted 10 days ago

Black Wallet

A black wallet with word "I make my own luck" on it. Inside there're ids, credit cards and others.

Dublin 8 Posted 10 days ago

lost black tote bag with my passport in it

my passport a red notebook a charging lead and black wireless headphones are in the bag… possibly in workman’s club outside it or in a taxi

Co. Dublin Posted 12 days ago

Blue wallet with all documents in it

Its a blue older wallet with croatian id,driver license,revolut card etc inside..

Dublin 6 Posted 13 days ago

Lost brown zip wallet

I lost my brown zip wallet probably near Circle K petrol station in Kilcullen, with a BOI card and a revolut card (name: Evan Gantley)

Co. Kildare Posted 15 days ago

Lost green wallet

I lost my green wallet about 11.15-11.45 am yesterday. I was running to catch my train from Mountjoy Square Park to Connolly station. I have my IRP card, PSC card, and my bank cards in it.

Dublin 7 Posted 16 days ago

lost red wallet

lost red wallet on Saturday night in dublin between the Pillar bar and busaras, ID and driver licence inside.

Dublin 1 Posted 16 days ago