Recently lost and found suitcase


Small black suitcase cork airport

Co. Cork Posted about 1 hour ago

Lost red suitcase on m50

Small Marron bag lost on road as somehow boot open and luggage all fell out. Breast pump and clothes mostly. Any help is appreciated

Dublin 8 Posted about 1 month ago

Missing black suitcase with rainbow strap

Black Dunlop suitcase with rainbow strap across the middle, it has a Legend of Zelda logo spray painted in silver on the front and back of it, it should have an airport luggage tag sticker still attached to the side handle, and it’s pull handle doesn’t work. Suitcase taken off JJ Kavanagh's coach going from Dublin Airport to Roscrea, route 735.

Dublin 2 Posted 3 months ago

Westport train

Somebody picked up a black suit case in carriage C on the 12:45 train from heuston to Westport today (2/3/2024). We have the black suitcase that was left behind.

Co. Mayo Posted 3 months ago

Small suitcase/carryover size

Black handluggae taken from Dublin Express, Belfast to Dublin 785 route. Seems to be a regular occurrence. Friday 23rd February 2024, 11.20 route.

Dublin 1 Posted 3 months ago

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Dublin 16 Posted 4 months ago

lost belongings D1

my belongings were lost/thrown out of my last accommodation Aparto Dorset Point on Dorset Street Upper. These are very sentimental so if anyone has them please contact me

Dublin 1 Posted 4 months ago

3 Luggage pieces - 1 silver - 1 red - 1 black

From airplane from Athens around 10am Dublin time, 3 Luggage pieces - 1 silver - 1 red - 1 black

Dublin 1 Posted 9 months ago

Rosé color hand luggage suitcase went missing on dublin express

Someone accidentally took my luggage from the Dublin express from airport to Dublin City. Maybe Someone know something about this! thank you

Dublin 2 Posted 9 months ago


I lost my red cabin baggage at Arthur's Quay station on Sunday 07/23/2023 at around 11:10 p.m.

Co. Limerick Posted 11 months ago

samsonite darkblue suitcase carry-on

my suitcase went missing at travel from university of Limerick to Tralee

Co. Kerry Posted 12 months ago

Lost suitcase

Lost a big black suitcase full of clothes and toiletries. Left on one of the bridges crossing the liffey, around wellington quay.not sure which one as I was rushing at the time

Dublin 1 Posted about 1 year ago

Blue Samsonite Suitcase

Found in Dun Laoghaire womans small blue samsonite (cabin size) suitcase, contains make up and clothes.

Co. Dublin Posted about 1 year ago

Black cabin luggage (saxoline brand)

please if you can help us my friend This is my case Please help me to find this lugagge (black cabin lugagge saxoline brand) someone probably take by mistake was on Sunday 07 of may from dublin to limerick on Dublin coach bus go green ... When I arrive in limerick wasn't there and we check all the storage area.... Please contact me I’m desperate there was my external hard drive with all my memories travel pictures wedding family there it is men clothing too ...please help me …. my number +353 838459866 // The bus stop from Dublin to limerick was: - Red cow Luas - kildare village -annacotty - university of limerick

Co. Limerick Posted about 1 year ago

May be of sentimental value

Blue hardshell suitcase found near bus stop at Liffey Valley some days ago. Contents include knitting wool & craft items.

Dublin 22 Posted about 1 year ago