Recently lost and found wallet

Black Wallet lost.

Black Wallet lost in the Donneycarney/Parnell park area on Saturday evening last 23rd Sept.

Dublin 5 Posted 32 minutes ago

small wallet

I lost my wallet three weeks ago it has a yellow revolut(that says Aitor in the middle) card and a leap card the wallet in medium sized most black and a small white and red poket.

Co. Dublin Posted about 13 hours ago


contains sum of money found in Rathmines area today

Dublin 7 Posted 1 day ago

Small wallet found in Laurel Lodge, Castleknock

A small walled with Credit Cards was found in Laurel Lodge 22nd September. Just bank cards and Public Service Cart. Name on is Marie B.

Dublin 15 Posted 2 days ago

Red transparent wallet with Jesus Christ face inside

In the afternoon of the 14th September 2023 at 5:40 I lost a red transparent fabric wallet with a card of Jesus Christ inside on the way to Rathfarnham Castle. The starting point was at Doyles Lane Station to take the bus 130 to Talbot street .After that I walked 10 minutes to Marlborough street and I took the LUA Greenline to Hartcourt Street.Then I I make a 2nd bus stop and walked 10 minutes to South Richmond street and finally at 6:40 p.m. at South Richmond street I took the bus 15B ,ending at Willbrook Road at 19:05 p.m.I would be lots of grateful to anybody who could give further information about my high appreciated item considering in case of return a cash pay.Thanks a lot

Dublin 1 Posted 4 days ago

Black Fossil Wallet with Spanish ID

I lost my wallet around 30th Aug, it is a black fossil wallet. There are Spanish I ID card( with my name Wanning Chen) BOI card, a Polaroid photo of me and my friends. Please contact me if u find it, the ID card is important for me. Thank u!

Dublin 2 Posted 5 days ago

Green Wallet

I lost a green wallet in Limerick with a US ID in it (Mississippi). I am visiting for a few days so if found please return!

Co. Limerick Posted 6 days ago

Brown tommy Hilfiger wallt

A brown wallet with all the documents by the name of Daksh Maan is post on dublin bus number 17

Dublin 8 Posted 7 days ago

Black Wallet

A black wallet with word "I make my own luck" on it. Inside there're ids, credit cards and others.

Dublin 8 Posted 8 days ago

Blue wallet with all documents in it

Its a blue older wallet with croatian id,driver license,revolut card etc inside..

Dublin 6 Posted 10 days ago

Lost brown zip wallet

I lost my brown zip wallet probably near Circle K petrol station in Kilcullen, with a BOI card and a revolut card (name: Evan Gantley)

Co. Kildare Posted 13 days ago

Lost green wallet

I lost my green wallet about 11.15-11.45 am yesterday. I was running to catch my train from Mountjoy Square Park to Connolly station. I have my IRP card, PSC card, and my bank cards in it.

Dublin 7 Posted 14 days ago

lost red wallet

lost red wallet on Saturday night in dublin between the Pillar bar and busaras, ID and driver licence inside.

Dublin 1 Posted 14 days ago

Black Wallet

Black card holder/ wallet. Somewhere between walk from Aviva stadium to Sir John Rogersons quay. Contains Sterling / Euro cash/Bank cards / N.Ireland/ Australian driving licences.

Dublin 2 Posted 15 days ago

I lost my wallet

I lost black montblanc wallet with my Irish Residence Permit (IRP), Driving Licence, debit and credit card.

Co. Kildare Posted 15 days ago