Recently lost and found bags and wallets

Lost or stolen

I lost my beige, Grande brand wallet near Grafton Street on Sunday, February 4th. I have many cards in it. If anyone finds it, please share.

Dublin 6 Posted 16 days ago

Lost red purse

It is a small leather red purse with a silver circle on it.I had lost it on the C1/C2 towards Adamstown station.

Co. Dublin Posted 16 days ago


Lost black wallet wit bank cards surname lawrence

Dublin 15 Posted 16 days ago

Lost Green Joop Wallet

Green small wallet

Co. Cork Posted 16 days ago

Lost small black Mango wallet 🖤

I lost my small black leather structure Mango wallet probably around Jervis St. I have my student card in it, so you can see my name and uni too

Dublin 1 Posted 18 days ago

Lost 🌙 ☀️ moon sun and starts wallet

This morning I lost my wallet with Spanish ID, PPS number, leap card and some cash in George Street around 12pm

Dublin 2 Posted 18 days ago

Lost Wallet in 27 bus

I’ve lost my wallet in the bus Sunday January 28th evening, at 18:23 in the 27 bus, going to Clare Hall, on the stop at Greencastle Avenue. I was at the back part upstairs. It’s a black wallet with a little logo on it of a man, with a K inside the logo, and inside the wallet there is my IRP, one blue and one green credit card, one Brazilian drivers license and my leap card as well, all in the name of Gustavo de Jesus Silva.

Dublin 17 Posted 21 days ago

Cards: bus and bank

I lost the wallet that attaches to the bike with the Wise bank card and student leap card. My name is Ronny LF.

Dublin 3 Posted 21 days ago

Lost Wallet

Hi, I lost my wallet while travelling from Dublin to Cork on Sunday 28th January. The wallet has my ID in it, David Collins.It is a black wallet with 2 keys attached. Many thanks, Dave

Co. Cork Posted 21 days ago

Black bag with ID and keys lost

Lost a Paul costelloe black cross body handbag in the bishopstown area Saturday night, 27th Jan. Bag contained purse with ids, keys and prescription glasses.

Co. Cork Posted 22 days ago


Please can anyone help- I lost my small dark red purse in the old Index (Here&Now) on Arran Quay last Saturday night 27/01. Name on the cards inside is Eve Moore. Please can someone help me get even a contact of the club I’m not getting a response from them I’m sick with worry.

Dublin 7 Posted 23 days ago


Hello, we hailed a cab from Elm Park Golf club in Donnybrook going to Goatstown. 4 passengers, including our 90year old Dad. We left a Butlers Chocolates bag in the boot of the cab with some gifts and birthday cards for Dad. PLEASE contact me if you're the driver....

Dublin 14 Posted 23 days ago

lost dark red wallet

Lost wallet around Drumcondra around 7.30pm on 28 January- contains id cards and bank cards

Dublin 9 Posted 23 days ago

Brown Leather wallet..Argentinian

Argentinian wallet stolen from my handbag on Friday, week before last, Hugh Lane Gallery....all cards stolen and since cancelled. Wallet sentimental value... Given to me by my late husband.

Dublin 1 Posted 23 days ago

Lost Black Wallet, Dundalk

Lost black wallet outside Corbett's pub, Seatown, Dundalk. Very likely left in taxi. Has my driver's licence, various cards and leap card inside.

Co. Louth Posted 24 days ago


Hello, I’m desperately trying to find my purse I lost in your nightclub last night. Please can you help ? It’s a small square shaped maroon/dark red and the cards inside have my name on them (Eve Moore). I would really appreciate all the help I could get. Thank you, Eve

Dublin 7 Posted 24 days ago

Revolute Visa card "Ben coleman"

Revolute Visa card The name on the card is "Ben coleman"

Dublin 18 Posted 24 days ago

Dell Backpack

Left a grey Dell backpack on 236 bus from Cork to Glengariff (6:30) Most importantly, it has my passport in it. Please help if found

Co. Cork Posted 26 days ago


I lost my purple Wallet with my Identification Card (ID) and other cards in it. My Name is Lea Meyer

Dublin 8 Posted 26 days ago

TK MAXX Rectangular Limeroad Black Leather Wallet

It was lost in Avenue Rd, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Co. Louth Posted 27 days ago

black wallet

A small black purse with a mickymouse picture. Has my IRP, ATM and ID card. Around Dublin Airport terminal 1 arrivals today at around 11am. 25.01.2024

Co. Dublin Posted 27 days ago


Hello everyone, I’ve lost my wallet today around noon. It’s a black wallet from the brand Parfois and has a monogram on the outside. Inside of the wallet were different cards, my Portuguese ID, driver's license, bank card... I’ve lost the wallet probably at the bus 16, traveling from the airport to the city centre. If someone found it please let me know.

Dublin 14 Posted 29 days ago

Long brown purse, leather

Lost brown leather purse in the vicinity of Penny's Headford Rd shopping centre in Galway@ 2.30 PM

Co. Galway Posted 29 days ago

Fallon & Byrne Tote Bag with Purse inside!

Hello, My partner lost a tote bag with the Fallon & Byrne logo on it. Inside was her purse with bank card, public service and medical cards. Desperately need it back. In Cherrywood area of Clondalkin

Dublin 22 Posted about 1 month ago


I have lost my wallet in Dublin 1 neat the Iskon Temple. It has my IRP, ATM and other important documents. If someone find it please let me know.

Dublin 1 Posted about 1 month ago


Hey I’ve lost my wallet yesterday evening. It’s from the brand Gucci and has the typical monogram on the outside. Inside of the wallet where different cards, like my ID, creditcard… I’ve lost the wallet probably at the nightbus 42n

Co. Dublin Posted about 1 month ago

Wallet black

I lost my wallet at the Camden, I had my documents and cards. If anyone finds it, please contact, please

Dublin 1 Posted about 1 month ago

Dark blue wallet

Hello everyone, I lost yesterday evening my wallet which has PPSN card, a bank of Ireland Debit Card, my driving license and a leap card.

Dublin 2 Posted about 1 month ago

Lost Brown leather Wallet - Limerick City

I lost my wallet including all cards in Limerick City. It might be somewhere between the Dolan’s Pub and the streets of the train station. There is my German ID Card with the name „Niklas Martin Jens Mueller“ and all other cards in that wallet. Reward if found.

Co. Limerick Posted about 1 month ago

Lost Wallet

Lost Brown Tommy Hilfiger wallet, name engraved in Castletroy area. Reward if found.

Co. Limerick Posted about 1 month ago