Recently lost and found animals


My best friend is missing in SALTOWN, DUNDALK area. A very important mark on his paw is a black heart. But as you can see in the pictures his nose and mouth has a black mark too. He'll be 2 years old in november and he never usually goes anywhere far away from home, usually stays close so we never thought he could go missing. If anyone saw him, please call 087 175 0573. If there is no answer then call 087 717 4006 or 087 461 1192 Thank you for your kindness

Co. Louth Posted about 7 hours ago

Spotted a green parrot

At Poolbeg. Looked distressed and lost. Dark green plumage and maybe more colours underneath. Guess it was a kind of parrot. This was at 4.30 pm Saturday 23rd sept.

Dublin 4 Posted 2 days ago

Polecat Gill ferret lost in Stepaside dublin

Old female pet ferret went in an adventure in Stepaside Any info please call

Dublin 18 Posted 3 days ago

Lost cat.

Cat lost from a catbox at the Abbey Pub in Knockdoe near Claregalway.

Co. Mayo Posted 7 days ago


Freddie is a 5 year old Tri-Colour Bassett Hound. He was stolen from a family members home whilst temporarily looking after him. He was let out to do his business and didn’t come back in when called. His collar was removed and left. The Garda have been informed and searches made in the area but no sightings of Freddie. Freddie is microchipped with a missing alert.

Co. Westmeath Posted 7 days ago

Dog found

Small friendly white and brown dog which looks a bit like a fox found in Dublin 13 area.

Dublin 13 Posted 8 days ago

Missing calico

Missing our cat, 2 years old, calico - pink colour with nametag Cali

Dublin 6 Posted 9 days ago

Lost Cat

Was wearing a red collar but he does lose collars a lot. Very vocal cat. He might come over to you. Especially if you have wet food.

Dublin 15 Posted 10 days ago


3 ponies 2 brown 1 black gone missing last night.

Co. Roscommon Posted 11 days ago

Small white dog

Small breed. Curly hair. White. Male. Friendly. No collar. Found wandering in Seapoint today at 2pm 14 September 2023

Co. Dublin Posted 12 days ago


Yellow cockatiel lost in walkinstown on Friday Sept 8th.

Dublin 12 Posted 14 days ago

Found a purple budgie in Dublin Bay area

Found a purple budgie in Dublin Bay area, it is in our care

Dublin 4 Posted 15 days ago

Grey cockatiel lost 9th September from Barnwell Square South Hansfield dublin15

Grey cocktail with yellow and orange shade flew away from Barnwell Square south 9th September.

Dublin 15 Posted 15 days ago

Grey cockatiel lost 9th September from Barnwell Square South Hansfield dublin15

Grey male cockatiel with yellow and orange shade on the sides of neck.

Dublin 15 Posted 15 days ago

White Sheepdog

We found this lovely white sheepdog at the side of the road by Caragh Lake last week. Between Glenbeigh and Glencar, near the head of the lake. He is so good natured and playful. Loves hopping into the jeep and going for drives. Waits patiently by the gate for us to return. He had no collar so may have been dumped off or could have broken away. Could the owner be someone not on social media? Does anyone recognise this dog? He has a distinctive patch over his left eye.

Co. Kerry Posted 16 days ago