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lost French passport Galway 14/04/2018

I lost my French passport in Galway on Saturday the 14th of April. Olivier Macambou

Lost Irish Passport 8/5/2018

Irish female passport under the name Niamh lost on Sunday, no cover and in date.


Lost passport dublin name kathleen

Croatian driving licence

Croatian driving licence lost in Inchicore near the team o bair agency. Name on the id is Niko Ceko

Irish Passport in Tallaght

I have found Passport closed to the square shopping in Tallaght, belong to Noelle O'Boyle. Please let me Know if someone can help to find her.

Driver's license in small black leather purse

Small very simple black leather zippered purse containing a few coins and Irish driver's license. Most likely dropped while finding my seat on Ryanair flight to Malaga on 25 March. Malaga Airport l...

Passport lost, 24th March dublin

Under the name Savannah Murray.


I lost a black school bag that contained my passport. The name is Gabrielle McKeown on it. It’s a long shot but hoping and praying 🙏 🙏

Lost provisional license medical card GALWAY

Provisional license ptsb bank card medical card. Galway area Saturday night

Lost Passport

It’s an Irish Passport with the name as Shane Hevey as the name I lost it in a Taxi if anyone found it please get back to me via Facebook

Lost a Irish Residence permit card and an AIB Card

I lost my Irish Residence Permit and my AIB card. Churchtown Area. Julia Olivera


Lost an ID card somewhere in West Side in Galway, or possibly on the NUIG campus. Name is Nathan Soch.


Lost passport , name is : Jasmine Anne Pickett , lost on the 18/02/18 lost either in monaghan or city centre.. wasn't on the bus ..

Lost TD Bank debit/credit card, GNIB Card, Ontario Driver's License

lost brown wallet but possible that id cards got separated. Last name Lee. Canadian identification

Amanda Nixon - UK Driver's Licence and Lloyds debit card Lost

Hi there, I lost my UK Driver's Licence and Lloyds debit card somewhere along O'Connell Street (Upper, North City, Dublin). If found PLEASE contact me. The name on both cards is AMANDA NIXON....

Passport - Mark Leigh

Irish passport lost on Harcourt street early hours of Friday morning

Lost Italian ID Card Claudio Visentin

On Sunday morning at around 2 am I got out of Dicey's and took a taxi for Navan Road. On the way there I must have lost my ID. If you happen to find it, please ring +3530857675854

Lost wallet

Lost a wallet with an ID "Dumitru Vasiliu" is the name and surname, 2 bank cards on the same name and some money.


Passport Dutch Male lost near the Dublin quays

Croatian passport lost

Lost Croatian passport, dark blue, name: Viktor Marina. Last time seen after trio to London 2 months ago. Reward for any info. Thx


Pair of prescription raybans found in Belgrave Square Tuesday 23rd January

Lost GNIB card


Yemeni Passposrt

I lost my Yemeni Passport in Dublin on Friday 5th of January on the way to Airport.

Adnan Kahric ID card

Adnan Kahric ID card Borned 23.12.1968 Croatia,Zagreb

Lost Student Leap Card

I lost my student leapcard somewhere between Dame Street and IFSC today. Name on the card is Jenna Gavin.