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traditional irish Flute

ebony black wood Irish Hammi Hamilton flute keyless lost in Hueston train station

Dublin 8 Posted over 1 year ago

traditional irish Flute

ebony black wood Irish Hammi Hamilton flute keyless lost in Hueston train station

Dublin 8 Posted over 1 year ago

Lost wooden hammy Hamilton flute

****MISSING**** Last night after NASC festival in Marlay park, Ballinteer my flute was left and mislaid outside the main gate of the park. The case is a black leather case covered in festival stickers, there is a hammy Hamilton flute two whistle a Burke Eb and a sindt D in the case. Please share!

Dublin 16 Posted over 4 years ago

Stolen Sam Murray wooden Trad Flute. Cash Reward. Not looking for retribution

My fiancee's Sam Murray wooden Flute was stolen out of my car on Sunday night(08/1017) between 18:40 and 19:00. Near Heuston Station outside Guiness on the quays. They broke a window and rooted around and found it. It is in a black case with two "foghorn string band" stickers on it. It is irreplaceable and she has had it for 20 years. Cash reward offered. We just want the flute back. A dark green bag with my space grey ipad pro 12.9 inch(s.n- DLXTW0XBHPJ4) and apple pencil were also taken. Also in the bag was a pair of black Audio Technicha ATH-M50x headphones. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dublin 8 Posted about 6 years ago

Stolen Oboe

My oboe has been stolen from my house in Glenageary today 27/09/2017. Can you please keep an eye out in music shops, pawn shops or sale websites. Reward offered for its recovery. Its a Marigaux 901 conservatoire system s/n 19376. It was in a black case with a black cover. The instrument comes in 3 sections and the inside of the case is maroon. Please share this with everyone, I'm devastated. There are also small boxes inside the pocket of the case cover containing reeds and scraping knives. phone 087 4186309

Co. Dublin Posted about 6 years ago

Pearl classical flute

Its in a black hardcase, and has (or at least did have) a green sticker on the back/bottom with MEGACONE written on it in all capital letters. 0878564570. or get in touvch with band on facebook. MEGACONE

Co. Dublin Posted about 7 years ago

lost black irish wooden flute

Left my flute on bus 31a sutton, 2nd October @4.20pm coming from school. The flute is black with black case and there are red straps on case.

Dublin 5 Posted about 9 years ago

Uilleann pipes

Practise set of Uilleann Pipes (Bag, Chanter, black leather strap and bellows) in small silver flight case missing. I was travelling between Galway and Kinnegad on a Citylink bus. THese are extremely sentimental to me and I offer a reward for return.

Co. Galway Posted over 9 years ago


found at bus stop in killiney. 23 September 2013.

Co. Dublin Posted about 10 years ago

Lost Wooden Flute

Two weeks ago, my traditional Irish flute went missing in my school in Limerick City. It has a huge amount of sentimental value for me, because it is a family heirloom, given to me by my Granddad. Also, I hope to play it for my Leaving Cert Music Practical. I've uploaded a picture of the flute and the box it was in. If you find the flute, please reply, it is very important to me.

Co. Limerick Posted about 10 years ago