Recently lost and found cats

1yr old Male neutered black cat missing

Pushkies is missing since 4th July. Completely black except for white tuft on his belly. Very affectionate and dearly missed

Dublin 7 Posted 3 months ago

Cat missing in Summerfield area,Dublin 15

Our beloved cat went missing yesterday the 5 of July in Summerfield area,Blanchardstown Her name is Rozy,she is British short hear cat, completely grey colour and with big yellow eyes. If anyone seeing her please contact Sofiya 0851400903

Dublin 15 Posted 3 months ago

Lost black cat in Cavan

LOST CAT Ph: 087 2999559 Name: Midnight/Midi Last seen: Approx 6pm, Tuesday 7th June 2022 Location: Stragelliffe/Drumcrave, Cavan Age: Approx 4 yrs old Description: Petite, black with tiny white patch on her chest and yellow/green eyes. She's quite timid and is microchipped. If you see her, please call me ASAP. She was hand-reared from 4 weeks old. We love her and miss her dearly. Thank you :)

Co. Cavan Posted 3 months ago


I lost my kitten 2 days ago in Clancy quay, circular road, Island bridge He is a black British kitten with yellow eyes Please if anyone see him let me know

Dublin 8 Posted 3 months ago

Lost Tabby in Ashbourne Co Meath

She is an 11-year-old tabby named Missie. She is very sweet but also very shy. She went missing from Killegland Street on the Tuesday 21th of June. We are very worried about her and want her Home

Co. Meath Posted 3 months ago

Cat missing Kilmainham area

Our shy orange cat is missing from the Kilmainham area. Answers to Nermal but is shy so may not let you approach. Has freckles on her nose. Isn’t an outdoor cat so we’re very anxious to get her back. Any sightings please let us know.

Dublin 8 Posted 4 months ago

Lost black cat

She’s small black with green eyes, her name is Ebony, she has a soft meow almost like a whisper and is very anxious at loud noises. She currently doesn’t have a collar on

Dublin 15 Posted 4 months ago

Lost Black and white cat

Small adult cat named Tag missing in Swords area She has very distinctive "moustache" feature . Very shy house cat

Co. Dublin Posted 4 months ago

Chewie the cat

One year old ginger cat missing since 14th May in the Drom area. He has white paws, white patch on his chest and down his belly and white at the end of his tail. He is neutered and micro chipped.

Co. Tipperary Posted 4 months ago

Black cat

Hi my male black cat(white on chest & underneath) one year old, missing from Drumcondra upper, since Saturday 28th May. He is neutered & chipped. He normally goes out during day but returns in evening. He is one year old & very friendly. If anyone has any info please let me know.

Dublin 9 Posted 4 months ago

Lost black male cat 1 year

Has white marks around whiskars & white paws, missing from Holywell Swords area, wearing Bell collar

Co. Dublin Posted 4 months ago

Lost Cat - Kells, Co Meath

Last seen near Choice, Bective Street, Kells, Co. Meath on Tuesday 10 May. Wound at top of tail. Shaved area at rear.

Co. Meath Posted 5 months ago

Missing Tabby cat from Killiney

Little Ziggy is missing two weeks from seafield court in Killiney. He is wearing a collar & is chipped. Kids and all of us broken hearted without him.

Co. Dublin Posted 5 months ago

Tabby long hair male

Missing tabby long hair male on the Athboy area in co Meath very dear to me microchipped and respond to the name of Victor

Co. Meath Posted 5 months ago


*** MISSING CAT *** This little girl is missing from Stanhope Street Athy for approx 2 nights (very unlike her) DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: • very friendly but scares very easily • anwsers to ONSIE • has just one eye • wearing pink quick release collar with a bell If you seen her could you please DM me Much appreciated

Co. Kildare Posted 5 months ago

White cat missing from Dublin 22

Hi everyone🌷 Toyash is 4 years old, male, chipped and neutered. He is missing from Old Tower Crescent, Clondalkin, Dublin (near Liffey Valley) since 25/03/2022. He was wearing a red flea collar and has different eye colors brown and blue. He never did this before and he is afraid of strangers. I'm really worried about him for more than 3 weeks. Please contact me if you know anything!🙏

Dublin 22 Posted 6 months ago

Missing Cat Upperchurch Tipperary

Missing Cat in Graniera Upperchurch Tipperary. Very friendly female cat. Grey with brown patches. Please contact 0860567190. Thanks.

Co. Tipperary Posted 6 months ago

Cat lost near Templeogue

My black cat with green colar with a fish tag is missing since yesterday, If you find a cat around Templeogue area please contact me. My phone number 0876838628

Dublin 6 Posted 6 months ago

Ginger and White cat

Our cat ginger and white went missing saturday 26th March from Leixlip his name is Lucas

Co. Kildare Posted 6 months ago

Cat called Gucci

My ginger male cat called gucci went missing from elm Park in castletroy Limerick he's friendly

Co. Limerick Posted 6 months ago

Lost Tabby Cat Dartry

6 month old, neutered & chipped male tabby kitten missing from home since Saturday 21st March. An adventurous and friendly little cat. Desperately missed. If found or seen please message.

Dublin 6 Posted 6 months ago

Niles - tabby cat missing

8 year old male tabby cat missing from clontarf dublin 3. Microchipped and neutered.please cal if you spot him as he is quite timid.

Dublin 3 Posted 7 months ago

Lost Cat castleknock

Female cat . Tabby cat. Very nervous. Missing after we got building work done.

Dublin 15 Posted 7 months ago

Lost Cat

My cat Leo escaped from my house in Tramore, Co Waterford on Saturday 12/02/22 and has not been seen since. He is a black and white tuxedo short haired cat. He is neutered and microchipped. He is a shy little boy and is skittish around cars, but if you have some food he should come over to you as he is highly food motivated. He weighs about 4.5-5KG but if he has been hiding somewhere he may have lost weight from not eating the last few days. He is an indoor cat so is not wearing a collar. He is mostly black with a white chin, chest and paws. If you see him or have found him please contact me ASAP at as he is greatly missed.

Co. Waterford Posted 8 months ago

Lost female cat responds to Jessie

Jessie is hard hearing and has gone missing from our home in kimmage on Saturday night, she was last seen at the top of poddle park and is 17 human years and is old and fragile, multi coloured cat Please help us

Dublin 12 Posted 8 months ago

Found Cat in Naas White Well

Saw a black cat with white mittens meowing and running from underneath one car to another to hide from rain. My sixth sense is telling me it's a girl but i could be wrong obviously. Feel really bad, I think this is the second or thord time I hear her meowing and running around by my house. Pls let me know if you or someone else you know has lost a black cat with white mittens (young???female??)

Co. Kildare Posted 8 months ago

Shadow - black adult cat

Shadow is 8 years old. Wearing no collar. She is spayed and has a microchip.

Dublin 15 Posted 8 months ago

FUSHI Gray Longhair Domestic Cat

Our beloved cat went missing on Friday 28th at Counnaght Street area in Kilcock Co. Kildare She is gray longhair 2 year old Female with beautiful fluffy tail. She has no collar on.Please contact me if you spot her. Thank you for your help

Co. Kildare Posted 8 months ago

Lost Cat in Dublin 12

Black & White Tuxedo male cat missing from Drimnagh area, he wears blue collar and answers to Bob, he is neutered and microchipped, friendly but nervous, I'm hoping he's been spotted in the area.

Dublin 12 Posted 8 months ago

Lost cat in Donybrook

Our cat, Cosette, went missing on 17/18 January at Herbert Park Road - Donnybrook end. She followed a friend down Marlborough Road all the way from Ranelagh. Tabby cat, grey tiger markings, 3 years old but small and very gentle. Microchipped. Please ring at 087 6232503 if any sighting. Thanks!

Dublin 4 Posted 8 months ago