Recently lost and found birds

Missing bird Green-cheeked parakeet

River is turquoise green-cheeked conure bird is a medium 25 inches . He has a beak injury but is well adapted to eating. He went missing on Friday from the Whitechapelgreen Blanchardstown

Dublin 15 Posted about 8 hours ago

Missing Cockatiel, in Ennis, Cappahard, Co Clare.

Missing Cockatiel, in Ennis, Cappahard, Co Clare. Hello All, Our cockatiel has flown out the window on 03/01/2023 from Ennis-Cappahard, hes name is Churpy and also listens to Bubu, if seen or found please do get in touch. Thank you,

Co. Clare Posted 10 days ago

Cockatiel found

Cockatiel found in monkstown on 31/12/2022 about 10pm.

Co. Dublin Posted 15 days ago


Only young, very tame greeny gray in color, it flew out of the top apartment towards the Reuben street direction

Dublin 8 Posted 19 days ago


My cockatiel Fifi got out on the afternoon of 11 /12/22 in Clondalkin greenpark area Dublin 22. She is yellow in colour with 2 orange spots on each side of her face she is also wearing a copper identification tag on her foot. She is about 10months old and her favourite food is sunflower seeds. Please if anyone hears anything even if any sightings of her or looking after her get in touch with me on 0851835769 anytime as she my baby and miss her so much. Reward offered.

Dublin 22 Posted about 1 month ago

Missing cockatiel

My bird escaped today this morning around 9 o'clock he's name is choco.. Can't find him

Co. Wexford Posted 2 months ago

Blue/white Lovebird

My male lovebird escaped yesterday around swords area, I have been searching for him since, he is 5 years old and goes by the name Blue/Bluey

Co. Dublin Posted 2 months ago

Canary type

Yellow with red on top of head towards the beak. Found in Santry.

Dublin 9 Posted 3 months ago


New parrot flew out the window this morning 20/10 very tame and friendly named Willow

Dublin 24 Posted 3 months ago


Found Parakeet on Saturday the 1st of October 2022 in Glasnevin. Mostly green with red feathers on it's head, red either side of it's head and a small red spot on it's right side near it's right thigh. It also has a white been. The Parakeet has a black leg tag on it's left leg with a code on it. Hoping to find the owner to identify it.

Dublin 11 Posted 3 months ago

Blue and yellow macaw with long blue Tail

There is a blue and yellow macaw at the pond in East Point business Park Alfie Byrne Road Dublin 3

Dublin 3 Posted 3 months ago

Blue and orange and yellow macaw found

There is a lost macaw in a tree at the dublin port tunnel offices on East wall road. He/she is crying alot and seems to be in distress

Co. Dublin Posted 3 months ago


Parrot grey with red tail good reward

Dublin 8 Posted 4 months ago

Cockatiel Albino parrot

Missing on Wednesday 24/08/2022 at 9 p.m. Around 2 years old. It’s white all over with yellow tufted head and red patches on her cheeks, very tame. Loves to listen to whistles, could land on the ground and walk. She knows her name Funky. We miss her so much, she is our member of family

Dublin 1 Posted 5 months ago

Lost Pineapple Conure

Escaped in Waterville Blanchardstown Friday the 12th of August. Has a ring on her leg

Dublin 15 Posted 5 months ago