Recently lost and found birds

Lost budgie in goatstown dundrum area

Hj we list a budgies in goatstow area if found pls contact 0863229021. Will be very thankful .

Dublin 14 Posted 9 months ago

Lost little Cockatiel - Knocklyon - Dublin

Gray (Original) female Cockatiel (with white wing edges) - her name is Archy - please let me know if you see or her

Dublin 16 Posted 10 months ago


Parrot lost Clondalkin area yellow and green blue head Amazon

Dublin 22 Posted 10 months ago

Lost parakeet in Galway

Green parakeet with yellow and red belly, lost in Dangan area, very friendly with humans.

Co. Galway Posted 10 months ago

Green budgie in Chapelizod, D20

Green budgie seen in Knockmaree, off St Laurence's Rd, D20

Dublin 20 Posted 10 months ago

Blue and white budgie

Tiny blue and white budgie, missing from Dublin 9

Dublin 9 Posted 10 months ago

Lost budgie

Our budgie escaped yesterday. He is lime green with yellow and a blue nose. In the leixlip area

Co. Kildare Posted 11 months ago


A male budgie or parakeet found in our back garden Dublin 7 near the halfway house. Yellow face with blue/green body and black and white striped back.

Dublin 7 Posted 11 months ago

Lost Cockatiel in Templeogue, Dublin

On Friday 23rd at around 8 o clock my pet cockatiel escaped from the attic window of my home. Her name is Yuki and she is grey and white with a green metal band on one of her ankles

Dublin 6 Posted 11 months ago

Love bird

Beautiful love bird,green, red blue,colour,very friendly found in Cabra today

Dublin 7 Posted 12 months ago

Green yellow red parrot

Spotted in Dublin 9 in neighbours tree, green yellow red parrot

Dublin 9 Posted 12 months ago

Lost budgie in goatstown dundrum area

Hi we lost our budgie today from goatstown dundrum area if any one found that pls contact 0863229021 will be very thankful to you

Dublin 14 Posted 12 months ago

Lost budgie in Monaghan

Grey female budgie with stripes, flew out window from 11th July. If found please contact 0864428354 or 0871527820

Co. Monaghan Posted 12 months ago

Green and yellow budgie found

Budgie found in clonee Dublin 15

Dublin 15 Posted 12 months ago

Budgie found in Southgate

I didn't find the budgie but a girl in Southgate Drogheda found a green and yellow budgie, she made a post and someone has commented that they are going to take the bird if the owner can't be found. The post is only up a short time and the bird is being given away. I have a screen shot of the post.

Co. Louth Posted 12 months ago

Blue budgie seen in Clancy Quay, Islandbridge

Neighbours saw a blue budgie on their balcony, couldn’t catch it but someone else thinks they just saw it again. I have a photo of it

Dublin 8 Posted 12 months ago

Found exotic bird

Exotic bird found in a tree in cie works. The person who found the bird can't get them out of the tree though.

Dublin 8 Posted about 1 year ago

Blue budgie lost

Blue and white feathers small young budgie lost he got out the window accidentally today the 23rd June at 6.00 pm in Tallaght Dublin 24.

Dublin 24 Posted about 1 year ago

Budgie Found in Dublin 7

Budgie Found in Dublin 7 yesterday. 0857246472

Dublin 7 Posted about 1 year ago

Lost canary

A light orange/yellow and grey canary. Lost in Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.

Dublin 10 Posted about 1 year ago


Out little cockatiel, yellow face and round orange spots on cheeks with spiky hair, was lost in spiddal, monday 7th June21, around the radharc no run housing estate, those closest to the main road. His wing doesnt work great so he's likely to be on the ground. if you are in the area please have a look as we are missing him greatly.

Co. Galway Posted about 1 year ago

Missing African Grey Parrot near Glenroe, Co. Limerick

Hi all, my niece's pet bird got startled today and flew off at roughly 12pm. She was last seen at Smyth's cross and may have been heading towards Glenroe chapel. Her name is Lucy and she is a 2 year old African Grey Parrot. She was hand reared since she was a baby so is very tame but they are very shy birds and are easily frightened. If anybody sees or hears of anything can you please let me know. Thanks for reading

Co. Limerick Posted about 1 year ago

Lutino Cockatiel

Lost Lutino cockatiel 4 months old escaped Monday the 31.5.21 around Dublin 8..... UPDATE HE WAS SEEN ON A ROOF OF KELLIHERS IN BALLYMOUNT TODAY 2=6=21 SO COULD PEOPLE KEEP THERE EYES OPEN AROUND THERE THANKS

Dublin 8 Posted about 1 year ago

Lost Indian ringneck parrot,Summerhill, Dublin1

Indian ringneck parrot lost in Summerhill, Dublin 1! Is blue and his name is Bella! Please call 0866679704

Dublin 1 Posted about 1 year ago

Lost budgie dublin 11

Blue and white budgie lost in Dublin 11 area on Friday 14th May. If seen or found please contact 0868499542

Dublin 11 Posted about 1 year ago

Budgie - Green and yellow - Kildare Town

Lost budgie Kildare town, has tag on his leg. Escaped from cage. 0858471376

Co. Kildare Posted about 1 year ago

Lost Blue Budgie Castleknock

Blue budgie lost between castleknock/carpenterstown

Dublin 15 Posted about 1 year ago

Lost yellow naped amazon in Mulhuddart / Blanchardstown Area

Dear All,I lost my yellow naped amazon today.He flew in the direction of green area beside Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Dublin 15 Posted over 1 year ago

Lost Cockatiel bird

A tame cockatiel bird with a grey body and yellow head with red cheeks lost in South Dublin 6.3.21. Please contact us if any sightings or if you have her. Reward offered. Thank you.

Dublin 14 Posted over 1 year ago

Red Lorikeet in Tallaght

There is a beautiful red Lorikeet in my garden all week. Clearly someone's pet. He comes everyday for food.

Dublin 24 Posted over 1 year ago