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Black and Red Scooter found in the Firhouse Area

Black and Red Scooter found in the Firhouse Area

Dublin 24 Posted almost 5 years ago


Lost in Navan Shopping Centre, possibly in Mark's and Spencer. Its a little green and white spotted purse in the shape of an egg containing two little dinosaurs and some chalk. A 4 year old is very sad that he lost this. If anyone picked it up please get in touch. Thank you!

Co. Meath Posted about 5 years ago

VTech Musical Mobile

VTech Musical Mobile lost in early April along the route between Dundrum and Ballinteer. Walked out from the car park to the tesco roundabout, up wyckham road and up Ballinteer Avenue. It’s not replaceable I’ve contacted VTech and Smyths toys. Eternally grateful if someone actually found it and was minding it. Thanks so much. Denise

Dublin 14 Posted over 5 years ago

Dunnes Store soft toy farmyard animal. (Pig)

Hello there. I am looking for a Dunnes Store soft toy farm yard animal(pig). My daughter adored her pig. Took it everywhere. Would never part with it. But unfortunately, she lost it about two years ago. And she truly(and us included) have never really been the same. We tried looking everywhere. Put lost posters up. But all to no avail! So I'm hoping that maybe someone will know, or have one in which they would like to sell. It would make a little girl the happiest girl in the world, and make her parents incredibly happy to. Fingers crossed. Malcom

Co. Dublin Posted over 6 years ago

Nexo knights cards

Bundle of Nexo knights cards, about 80, left outside the Roselawn inn, in Roselawn shopping centre. My son is gutted!

Dublin 15 Posted over 6 years ago


Hi, I losted big brown cardboard box that has inside: one more cardboard smaller box, shoe boxes wrapled in pink, blue, brown christmas paper, white big rabbit toy, 1plastic Dunnes/Penneys bag. That was package for charity organisation. If you have any information about that package text me message or call me: 089 496 6236 Thank you!

Co. Dublin Posted over 7 years ago

Teddy Bear Koala

We think a little brown Koala fell in the Stepaside area. Cream coloured ears and feet otherwise brown. 4 year old very fond of him.

Co. Dublin Posted over 7 years ago

Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Juggling balls

Hi While volunteering at the Stone Roses festival in Marley Park last Saturday evening; the 9th of July; I left a set of 3 red/green/yellow/blue juggling balls in the 'Orchard Theves' beer & cider tent. When I sought to recover them in the morning but could not access the venue site. If my juggling balls are in your possession please forward me details regarding when & where I can collect them. Kind regards Aidan

Dublin 16 Posted almost 8 years ago

Lego Driving Licence

Yellow plastic card, German Legoland driving licence with photo. Very sad child! Lost in FitzGerald park and its environs, Cork, Monday 10th August.

Co. Cork Posted over 8 years ago

Blue Mini micro scooter lost in War Memorial Gardens carpark

Blue Mini micro scooter

Dublin 8 Posted over 9 years ago

Rubber giraffe toy

Lost on Synge Street, Dublin 8 on friday 17th january a baby's little rubber toy giraffe. Huge Sentimental value. Given as a present, please get in contact if you found it. May thanks

Dublin 8 Posted over 10 years ago

Teddybear violet / light blue lost in Dublin

Since our Stay in Dublin (17.07. – 20.07.2012), we miss a purple/light blue Teddybear. The Bear is about 15 cm / 5,9 inches high and 18 years old. He was lost at the Arlington O’Connell Bridge Hotel or near this area. As our kids got this bear when they were born, he means a lot to them and we would really appreciate it if we could get him back. We will be happy to pay back any expenses. If you found him, please contact: Beat Liechti Schulweg 7 3425 Koppigen Switzerland E-Mail: [email protected] Thank you very much for your help.

Co. Dublin Posted over 11 years ago

Lost Blue Teddy

Hi, We were in Galway city on Thursday 5th Jan when our 3 yr old son lost his precious blue teddy. He is a bit scruffy looking with a brown nose and raggy blue ribbon around his neck. He is about 18" long and some of the blue fur is worn off his tummy. We were mostly in the Eyre Squre shopping centre and Shop Street. We would be most grateful if anyone who finds him would contact us at 087 6895267.

Co. Galway Posted over 12 years ago

White Teddy with Red Ribbon

A Little White Teddy with Red Ribbon about 20cm lost between Gardiner Street & Dorset Street Tuesday Afternoon 13th September.I have searched every day since. It is my daughters comfort and she has not settled with out it. If anyone seen it please contact Thanks

Dublin 1 Posted over 12 years ago

Mini micro scooter st. annes park

lost a blue mini micro scooter near red stables entrance to St. Annes park saturday 13th aug.

Dublin 3 Posted over 12 years ago

Lost soft toy

Hello my very much treasured son's toy has gone missing and I was just wondering if any one might have one like it. It is a pale blue cuddly toy about 20cms tall that looks like a cross between a Kangaroo (no pouch) and a big mouse - floppy ears. The toy cost £1.50 from Ikea and it was the first toy we bought when we found out I was pregnant (5 years ago) and it's the thing my son's been inseparable from since he was old enough to cling on!!!!!! I have never found another one in Ikea. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Please pleas help Many thanks x

Dublin 1 Posted over 13 years ago

Left White Nintendo DS and bag of toys in taxi

I left a white Nintendo DS with a Spongebob cover on it and a little black handbag full of toy animals in a taxi on Sunday 7th of November, I got the taxi from Rialto to Clondalkin.

Dublin 22 Posted over 13 years ago

Bay of Holiday gifts

My mother left her grandchildrens holiday gifts at the 15b bus stop beside Trinity College. Would appreciate it greatly if whoever picked them up to get in touch

Dublin 2 Posted over 13 years ago

Leopard Teddy

Beigh with black spots

Co. Dublin Posted over 14 years ago

Finger puppet

Small finger puppet that glows in the dark, lost on Sunday 26th July on the dart from Killiney to Malahide. If anyone saw it, found it or cleaned the train and threw it away, or knows anyone who works for irish rail I would be so grateful to hear from you

Co. Dublin Posted over 14 years ago

Yellow Bunny

Hi, my daughter lost her favourite teddy on Sat 4th outside Superquinn in Knocklyon. She misses it so much. Please contact me if you've found it. Thanks

Co. Dublin Posted about 15 years ago


wooden and fiberglass looks like a ( display peace )- that was stolan and cast a river that leads to the lake,, the ship is- NOT A TOY.

Co. Dublin Posted over 15 years ago

small blue cow toy

Very small blue & white plush cow

Co. Dublin Posted over 15 years ago

model cars

My back garden shead was broken into and they got away with 6 boxes of model cars 1/24th 1/18 reward if returned

Co. Dublin Posted about 16 years ago