Recently lost and found dolls, stuffed animals

Small brown bear

Small brown KiKa bear, not really sure where we lost him, only know he was no longer in the bag when we arrived in limerick.

Co. Dublin Posted 8 months ago

Blue Teddy Bear

My little boy lost his blue teddy bear on the beach in Bray today (6th February 2023) outside the crepe/waffle takeaway. If anyone finds it please post asap as I have a broken hearted little boy. My little boy is just turned 4 and he has had the bear since he was 2 weeks old. Broken hearted. He is light blue with big hard eyes, he is shaggy haired and has baby on one paw and boy on the other. The bear is in a seated stance. We searched along that area and further up and down the beach and asked in the crepe take out and aquarium if anyone had handed it in but to no avail. If he was taken by a dog etc it could be still in the area.

Co. Wicklow Posted 9 months ago

Blue Bear Security Blanket

My son lost a Blue Bear Security Blanket in or around the Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport or in Dublin Airport itself. The Blue Bear Security Blanket has the head of a Bear and the body is a blanket with the letters XOXOX on the blanket.

Co. Dublin Posted 10 months ago

Lost Teddy

My daughter lost a little really faded pink Teddy.....a blanket Teddy...head of a Teddy & blanky body. Lost at Taylor's Three Rock on Sunday 18th Dec....between 6pm & 7pm.

Dublin 16 Posted 11 months ago

Child's toy caterpillar

85 cm long multicoloured felt caterpillar with letters of the alphabet printed on sides. Found on 17,12,22 cork city centre

Co. Cork Posted 11 months ago

Lost handmade toy

Lost a handmade toy that has a sentimental meaning, would appreciate any help! It may have been lost either in Douglas, Cork or in limerick.

Co. Cork Posted 11 months ago

Lost jellycat Aardvark

Small brown aardvark teddy lost in blancharsdtown shopping centre possibly penny's or Eason

Dublin 15 Posted 11 months ago

Monkey Comforter

Hi, Lost a brown monkey comforter on Saturday 22nd of october around tesco area or parking. Thanks Ben

Co. Cork Posted about 1 year ago

Teddy bear

Brown bear with a santa hat and a white shirt with a photo

Dublin 2 Posted about 1 year ago

Lost baby comforter kildare

Lost a blue dinosaur comforter and blue and white rabbit comforter in Kildare on the 27/08/22

Co. Kildare Posted about 1 year ago

Lost teddy on aerlingus flight Dublin Airport

Small furry comforter Teddy. Cream and white with small tear on arm.

Dublin 1 Posted over 1 year ago

Missing Doggie teddy (jelly at)

Barnaby pup cream doggie with brown ears jellycat. Lost this morning13/07/2022 7.30-7.45 on north circular road heading towards Mater hospital onto Eccles street.

Dublin 7 Posted over 1 year ago

Lost Pug teddy in Center Parcs

Lost Pug dog teddy with unicorn on head and hood. Like brown/beige and pink in colour. Lost weekend of March 11th, 2022. Little girl still really missing it.

Co. Longford Posted over 1 year ago

Lovely stuffed dog missing

We lost your best friend and need your help

Dublin 3 Posted over 1 year ago

Pale pink teddy lost: reward for safe return

Pale pink teddy about 13 inches long.. Classic teddy bear.. ole pink with brown spotty paws & ears. we were on a trip from Abbey Hotel Roscommon to Bloomfield House in Mullingar.. we’re not sure where she escaped! Heartbroken little girl here .. thank you!

Co. Westmeath Posted over 1 year ago

Lost teddy

Build a bear, under the sea teddy. Desperately missed by his boy. Lost in Ballinteer

Dublin 16 Posted over 1 year ago

Minnie mouse named Emma

My 1 year old daughter Emma lost a small Minnie mouse last weekend with her name on it written (the Minnie mouse is 15 cm/ 6 inches aprox). We were in Dun laoghaire in the weather Spoon area and parked in the parking near Primark. This is a very special gift that she received when she was born. Please contact me if you found it. Thank you very much

Dublin 18 Posted over 1 year ago

Baby comfortor

Hi, I lost a blue & white Bunny bubble comforter in Dublin City centre. The bunny is white with floppy ears and the blanket is blue soft bubble material. Lost in or around : Jervis centre, Pennys Mary Street, Henry St and Jervis St car park

Dublin 1 Posted over 1 year ago

Little penguin lost

A small grey penguin with a black face lost in Doolin or most likely Lahinch Promenade. He is only the size of an adult hand.

Co. Clare Posted over 1 year ago

Pink TLC teddy bear with bow - Dundalk

I found a pink TLC teddy bear lying on the path on the Dublin bypass road in Dundalk. It was near the entrance to Bay Estate. The teddy bear has a bow and is very soft

Co. Louth Posted over 1 year ago

Lost stuffed llama at Jervis Shopping Centre

Lost a cream/beige llama that’s about 12” tall. He has been very loved. Lost near the toilets/lockers in Jervis Shopping centre 26th January 2022 around 1pm. Possibly on/in one of the ride on cars. (White car or minion one). We realised about 45 min after that he was missing and when we went back, he was gone. We checked with security and no one turned him in. This has been my sons best friend for the past 2 years since he was a baby and we are devastated. If you found him or see him, please contact me ASAP. We are extremely heartbroken that he’s missing. L

Dublin 1 Posted almost 2 years ago

Lost grey bunny comforter at junction of Cuffe St & Wexford St Dublin 2

Much loved grey & white bunny comforter (Bunnies by the Bay brand). Lost most likely in the loading bay at the junction of Cuffe Street & Wexford Street, Dublin 2, on Tuesday 4th January at approx 1pm. Would be so grateful if we could reunite bunny with his 16 month old friend.

Dublin 2 Posted almost 2 years ago

Teddy Bear with Blue Ear Muffs

A winter themed little teddy bear with blue Ear muffs, blue scarf, white fur and brown ears and nose. Lost on Stephens Green, perhaps in the playpark or Shelbourne Hotel side of park, by the pond.

Dublin 2 Posted almost 2 years ago

Baby Alive

My daughter lost her baby alive somewhere since lockdown opened in 2020 or the 2021

Co. Cavan Posted almost 2 years ago

Baby Alive

My daughter lost her hungry baby alive sometime in 2020 or 2021 I presume in a McDonald's or somewhere like that as we haven't been in too many places since lockdown lifted

Co. Dublin Posted almost 2 years ago

Lost bunny teddy in aughrim co wicklow on 26 November

Little rabbit. Flat body, holes in both his arms he is so worn his fluff is coming out.Looks like a rag he has been stitched so many times. My daughters treasured companion for 8 years. Shes heartbroken.

Co. Wicklow Posted almost 2 years ago

Lost Old Dalmation Teddy

Old dalmation teddy, lost in Bray on weekend.

Co. Dublin Posted about 2 years ago

Monkey soft toy in Dundrum shopping centre

++UPDATE – I went down to Dundrum shopping centre today and asked them to look at the security camera footage between 4.15 and 4.40pm. Then I went retracing the route / area that he went missing. Then a member of staff in Penny's started searching behind the tills and found him! He's now safely back home after an exciting overnight adventure. Small brown monkey soft toy approximately 9cm high lost in Dundrum shopping centre this afternoon 28th September 2021.

Dublin 14 Posted about 2 years ago

Small handbag containing stuffed toy

Child's stuffed toy 🦄 at Sirius Wharf, Cobh, Co Cork on Tuesday, 7th September. The little handbag containing a unicorn was wrapped in a brown paper bag and was found by the railing by the water's edge, perhaps by someone fishing there on Tuesday evening.

Co. Cork Posted about 2 years ago

Grey and blue blanket with elephant attached

Lost comforter blanket grey elephant with blanket attached on Friday in Blackrock, Cork. Owner is very upset and having trouble sleeping without it. Parked near Ursaline school so may be near there.

Co. Cork Posted over 2 years ago