Recently lost and found mobile phones

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 red phone case

Co. Waterford Posted 2 months ago

Iphone 11

My son lost his White iphone11 on Sat in carpark of blanch shopping centre. It's in a clear case

Dublin 15 Posted 2 months ago

lost samsungs21

lost in d1 reward if found

Dublin 1 Posted 2 months ago

Lost google pixel 6a with black cover

I lost my new phone on new years eve night near camdem, it is a google pixel 6a model black

Dublin 1 Posted 2 months ago

Gold iPhone 8

Gold iPhone 8 lost last night 12,08am last known location was 1-9 grange view walking towards bus stop if anyone finds it find my iPhone is on plz contact me 0894568217 I boarded the last 68 going to Newcastle from bus stop at rathgael so it isn’t far

Dublin 22 Posted 2 months ago

iPhone Lost Today 11th Jan

Lost my iPhone somewhere between heuston station and Merrion Square today between 10.23am and 10.38am (travelled along north quays, Parliament St, dame St, exchequer St, Nassau St, Merrion Square west)

Dublin 2 Posted 3 months ago

Huawei Phone lost on Camden street

Huawei P30 Lite lost on 17th December 2022 in/around Flannery's Bar. Case has a floral design, if out of case the back of the phone is blue. Screen is scratched up a bit.

Dublin 2 Posted 3 months ago


Found on m3 parkway train at 19:55 at clonsilla

Dublin 15 Posted 3 months ago

Iphone XR lockscreen is me and my military friends

Not from here and tagged along with some locals. I don't remember the name of the pub they had a smoking area out back with tables

Dublin 1 Posted 3 months ago

i ohone with red case and age card

red case i phone with age card in the back of it

Co. Galway Posted 3 months ago

Blackview bv6300 pro mobile phone

lost my phone few weeks now, still not found. I was riding home on route 137 from terenure to southwest towards to m50. phone is rugged, durable with neon green edges. founder will be rewarded

Dublin 6 Posted 3 months ago

cell phone z fold

I lost my phone inside a taxi more until the moment I could not contact him if anyone finds please contact me since ja agradeco sera reconpesado, mobile phone and z fold model 3 of green sansung

Dublin 16 Posted 3 months ago

lost my phone

I lost my phone Friday night in Dublin last know bar was QUAYS its a galaxy note 20 ultra with a green case there is a cash reward if returned

Dublin 2 Posted 3 months ago

Lost iPhone XR - Portobello Area

I lost my iPhone in Portobello on night of 15/12/2022 (Around 1am). As of 7am on 16/12/2022, the last location was on Warren Street. The battery was still alive at that stage but it died shortly after. If anyone happens to have picked it up, please contact me here or on 089 - 960 2772. Cash award if found!

Dublin 8 Posted 3 months ago

Mobile found on Dublin Bus

Hi, I found a mobile on the nr 70 bus yesterday morning (Thursday 15th Dec) going in the direction of Burlington Road. I handed it in to the bus driver in case anyone is looking for it.

Dublin 2 Posted 3 months ago

Samsung s10

Lost my phone samsung s10 in killarney last saturday night has a sandy brown flip cover on it.reward offered for return.

Co. Kerry Posted 4 months ago

Black iPhone with keys linked to it

lost on friday 9th Temple bar area

Dublin 1 Posted 4 months ago


Found on train going to Connolly- I got on at castleknock at around 19.43 on Fri 9th dec and it was on the table

Dublin 15 Posted 4 months ago

I lost my Xiomi POCO phone

Lost in Dublin 2 in St Anne's Street. Blue back cover.

Dublin 2 Posted 4 months ago

Iphone 12 pro max

I lost my phone in 30 capel street, On DEC 7th white in color, covered with a black case, will pay 300 for who gets it.

Dublin 1 Posted 4 months ago

Lost Red Samsung Galaxy s20 FE 4g

I lost my phone after a Viking Bus Tour. Just before we ended the tour I still had my phone. Then we walked for 500m and I realised I did not have it on me. So I went back and it was not on the bus. It has either fallen of the bus or it was taken.

Dublin 2 Posted 4 months ago

Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra

Hi! My original phone number is 004670799411 (a Swedish phone number) would be eternally grateful if you could call me at 0838328061 or 0046761600811 if you find a s21 Ultra Samsung Galaxy phone with a light turquoise marbled case. I lost it around gay spar at 2:30am tonight. The phone itself is black and has a white card in the back of the phone case as well as about 3 back cameras, it's a relatively big and heavy phone. I must've left it there tonight (the 3rd of December) at around 2:20am, but went back at around 3:10 am and couldn't find it. I asked the staff as well, and they hadn't seen anything also contacted the spar itself by phone but obviously haven't heard anything yet and thought I'd ask here as well. I unfortunately couldn't find it at the seat I'd sat at either. Please call the 083 number above if you find it, or call me at (+ or 00 works) 0046761600811. Thank you so much!

Dublin 2 Posted 4 months ago

Lostsilver iphone 10 with really important videos on it I can't get back :-(

Hi everyone, I lost my phone on Saturday night The only two places I was in was the well and then Coppers. I live in town ( didnt get any taxis etc. I rang both places and they don't have. It's a sliver iphone 10 with no cover on it. I don;t care about the phone just the videos I have on it, I am a musician and have videos and lyrics on it I didn't back up.

Dublin 2 Posted 4 months ago

Blue Nokia 3310

Lost on a night out in Kilkenny, will pay for return

Co. Kilkenny Posted 4 months ago

Samsung A32 Blue Case with wrist wrap

Phone was stolen while entering a Dublin bus. If found, reward offered

Dublin 1 Posted 4 months ago

Lost iPhone 6s Black Case Crumlin, Dublin

I lost my iPhone 6s on the Armagh road Crumlin, Dublin yesterday. It has cracks on the screen, black phone case and it should be dead. If anyone turned it in or has it, please return. Offering reward.

Dublin 12 Posted 4 months ago

Lost Redmi Note 9- No case - Blue/Silver back near Nut Hot - Saturday night 12th Nov

The phone has no case and was dropped probably around Saturday night around the area with the taxi rank in town between the Nut Hot takeaway spot.

Co. Galway Posted 5 months ago


Black Samsung core A2 phone with a cracked screen. Lost on the 4th of November 2022.Lost in or around diceys.

Dublin 2 Posted 5 months ago

Samsung A71

Reward if found! Samsung phone. Lost 30/10/2022 Left on a rickshaw taxi that we were dropped back to the hotel in (Harcourt Hotel). Was picked up at Samuel Beckett Bridge. Last tracking locations were: City Centre Self Storage and/ Crescent Gardens Black cover-faded. Can describe picture on phone when turned on

Dublin 2 Posted 5 months ago

One + 10T lost in taxi from Dublin airport to D8

I lost my phone in a taxi from Dublin airport on the 31/10/2022, there is a student card in the back of the clear case on th phone for DKIT with the name Liam Fegan on it

Dublin 8 Posted 5 months ago