Lost Small Kids' Red Disney Cars (Lightning McQueen) Backpack

Posted over 1 year ago

Hi, Took a taxi from Connolly to the ferry port (Irish Ferries) last Saturday (February 4) at around 7:20pm together with my 5yo. We had a bunch of things in the boot and ended up forgetting my son's backpack with Playmobil 123 toys (firetruck, tractor, excavator, dump truck, plenty of figures). The backpack is small, red, with a picture of Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars on it, black straps. The driver was male, probably in his fifties or early sixties, had a grand child/grand children he spoke about. Unfortunately, we got the taxi in front of Connolly so no app involved and no details on driver or car. I do remember he had a large Uber decal on the hood. The car was some sort of medium sized car, maybe a Prius or similar footprint. Dear driver if you see this, the kids are desperate to get their toys back. :( If anybody heard of the backpack being found, please get in touch!


Dublin 1

Posted by Sarah

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