€1000 Award for the Lost Bag

Posted about 2 years ago

Between 19:30-20:00 April, 14th, 2022, I took a Japan-imported black toyota taxi near the hermitage clinic to verdemont blanchardstown, and lost the bag on the backseat of the taxi. Inside the bag includes my passport, my national id, my bank cards, my mobile phone and several small bags with extremely important documents. If I lost these documents, my life would be totally ruined! I would reward you €1000 extra if you find the bag or find the important clues for it. The only thing I need is my passport and documents inside the bag. I’d be eternally grateful if you find it. I am desperately looking for it. Image of the bag: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1je68TmPtcclJpXYJlbN5sMvvvoF3XkeIxlIj5aTzlUM/edit


Dublin 15

Posted by Jiawen Lin

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